Anmol Arora

Words can change the world, for better or worse. They have the power to inspire, to heal and to bring joy. They are priceless.

Do you believe in love at first sight? I didn’t. Until I saw this beautiful girl smile and I was in love. Wrote her a love letter and put it out in the universe. It reached her. Somehow, someway I managed to work past her fears.

A few days later, I went to meet her. There were butterflies in my stomach. There were endless possibilities. Words have power. They can make people fall in love and sometimes out of love.oneI went to Kashmir. Sat on a rock, in front of a lake, surrounded by mountains. I wrote words that came from my heart. I wrote like I had never written before. I wrote until it got dark. I wrote until the ink ran dry. I wrote. I wrote. I wrote.  I came to realise my destiny was to become a writer. Create meaning through  words stories.3I was at a running event  when I heard the word Arangetram. Had no idea what it meant. It was only later I found out that Arangetram is the solo debut performance of a classical dancer. An ancient ritual.

It is the first time a dancer is allowed to step on the stage after years and years of practice. The dancers needs her Guru’s permission to hold this ceremony. Some say it is as important as marriage. I think it is even more significant.ColleenaImage: Colleena Shakti

Marriage is coming together of two people, families, even communities. But Arangetram is about one dancer and one dancer alone. It is her moment. None can take that away. What would happen if a young impulsive girl wants to get on the stage, but her stern guru doesn’t agree? He wants her to train harder, be better. He is waiting for the right time.

What if the young dancer is a refugee and wants desperately to fit in, while her Guru wants to stand out? What happens when these strong personalities clash? Will they self-destruct or create magic on the stage. That is how my first novel, The Last Dance, came into being, with one incomprehensible word. Find more words and stories in the Books section.

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