Stories untold from the museums of London

The museums of London contain more than just relics. They are the guardians of stories, of great deeds and timeless lessons. I marveled at many and put my favourite ones into words to remember and to share.
Insects are the taxi drivers of the natural world. Transporting seeds, pollins, and even diseases. Making our world rich and diverse and colourful. Keeping it interesting. Every small task counts in the bigger scheme of things #priceless
Don’t get hung up on exteriors; your values will make you shine from within#priceless
Coral reefs are ecosystems’ knowledge platforms and warm hosts. Hosting different organism, creating a conducive atmosphere for life. Go getting is good; giving is #priceless
Tu janta hain mera baap kaun hain (all talk and no action) playing out in the natural world. Choose co-operation over competition #priceless
Rivalries aren’t necessarily bad or to be dreaded. They spur improvement. Embrace great rivals for greatness #priceless
Curiosity is a powerful tool that will illuminate paths education dare not to enter #priceless 
Greatness takes time and patience. Don’t rush! #priceless
One of the first editions of Darwin’s book that changed the way world thought of evolution. He punched above his weight. Note to self: Write a book that challenges fundamental assumptions. Find your truth and speak it without fear #priceless

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