Of oceans, waves and two people together in silence


It was pitch dark, that moonless night in Colombo. We sat on a rock, side by side, facing the ocean, but lost in our own thoughts. We were both looking for something perhaps an escape. The silence was broken by waves making a splash against the rocks. There were a few broken conversations and pauses here and there and then silence took over. A few scribbles on a piece of paper is all that I have left from that night:


The one sitting next to me, she wonders how I am able to write in the dark

She doesn’t realise, writing has nothing to do with seeing and all to do with feeling

What have words got to do with light




There is only one star in the sky tonight

One star is all I need to give me hope





The waves return to the shore unabashedly even when they are turned away

Just the way, I keep going back to my lost love for words

Even in its denial, love can inspire




The waves seem like a sea-dragon making its way to the shore, any moment now

And then suddenly it dissipates, just as its about to reach its destiny, Alas!




I don’t go to the ocean for the majesty of its view

I enjoy the solace of its sound




The story of the waves and the shore

One returns with love; the other sends it back asking for more






There is a lone bird gliding along the shoreline

There is lone me taking a flight of imagination

We are both off solid ground with nothing but the ocean as our companion




“Did you like it?” I asked her. “The silence.”

“I haven’t heard anything like it,” she replied.





My words will be lost to the world

Just like the waves will lose themselves to the shore, no matter

They will continue to make a splash and I will continue to write


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