The worth of love

“Am I worthy of her love?” a friend asked me. He didn’t think he was, after all she was smart, successful and stunning. And he wasn’t quite there yet- personally or professionally. Could he really stand in front of her boss or father with pride? It was a valid question.

“What if she turns into a failure?” I asked. “Would she be good enough for you?”

“It wouldn’t matter,” he said without a thought. “I like her for her kindness.”

There was his answer. He just needed to hear himself. Success and failure are inevitable. She, too, liked him for something more intrinsic. As long as he stays true to those values, the opinions of her boss, father and friends won’t matter. The real danger is losing himself in the quest for success.

And if you lose yourself, all the money, fame and power won’t be enough to keep her.  #priceless

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