Great men

14355541_1175995909105100_2842310204326562970_nThere is a sense of longevity about a masterpiece
Works of great men are gifted with a sense of timelessness
They are not beholden to contexts, cultures and countries
They appeal directly to the human heart and all that’s sacred to humanity
The raw emotions that drive men
That differentiate us from all others who roam this planet
That give meaning to our meaningless existence

They are touched by something ethereal
And its influence translates into their creations

They aren’t born in riches, these men
They are products of tragedy, disaster and disturbance
Their misfortunes allow them to find something that others never care to even seek
And the truth changes everything

They are not longer products of their circumstances
Their circumstances are a vessel of their greateness
Their work continues to inspire and emote long after they are gone
Great men create meaning


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