Mist and meaning in Nepal

IMG_20170721_053145904_HDR (1).jpgI have never given mist much of a thought. It’s the fresh mountain air, the bright stars at night and the tall pine trees that have always fascinated me. They have brought out words and stories within me just as effortlessly as a chilly evening brings the urge for a glass of whiskey. This visit to Dhulikhel in Nepal was different. The valley was surrounded by a blanket of white. Its presence and influence on the valley was undeniable. It wasn’t just outside; there were clouds inside my head and they taught me lessons.

The days are spent working; I enjoy the night; the nip in the air. The thunder of clouds and the promise of love.



The sky burst open in the evening

It began to rain

The valley became so beautiful and so cold

That it was impossible to stay outside and enjoy it

I have known love like that




I like the silence of a mountain

Unbroken by noise

The free flow of thoughts

When I find mountains

Words find me







They are all drinking and making merry

While I am sitting alone on this chair in my balcony

Next to the mountain and making peace



Mountains open a door in my heart

Someday, I am going to turn them into a home



Can I live on the mountains for a lifetime

May be not, but tonight seems forever



The mist is growing

Taking over the valley

A sheet of all consuming white

Soon It will reach my balcony

Perhaps, I will be able to see better in its fog



It is fascinating to watch the mist take over the valley, ever so slowly

Almost like love, a madness that takes over the heart and blinds it to reason

When it subsides, not much remains



The rain, it brings with it a certain fragrance

That makes me want to breathe

I feel we should always carry a fragrance with ourselves be it joy, kindness, anything uplifting



There are birds chirping in the mountain, I can’t see them in the mist, but I know they are sitting on the branch, high upon a branch- biding time. I, too, am waiting for the mist in my head to give way to clarity.



I have never thought of mist before, but I can’t stop thinking about it right now

God help me,

It must have some connection to the woman I love






The mist is rising, once again, from the valley

I wonder if it can climb over the heaviness in my heart



I am going to leave in sometime

Feel that only know am I beginning to appreciate this place

The valley down below

The layer after layer of mountains

The mist rising quietly

The silent beauty of it all



Everything has a purpose in life

I finally realized the purpose of the mist that has fascinated me this past week

When it lifts, it brings beauty to the mountains

But it also takes over the entire valley in its haze

It knows when to hide and when to show its cards

It teaches the value of clarity

There will be mist in your life

You can’t be too worried about it

But when the time is right, seek clarity


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