A letter to my mother



I once heard the story of a man who spent many years travelling in search of enlightenment. His quest led him to a Buddhist monastery high atop a mountain in the Himalayas.

“I am looking for answers,” he said at the entrance.

The monk nodded and asked him to join in the meditation. An hour passed. Nothing happened. Two. Three. Four. The traveller soon grew restless. Finally, no longer able to control himself, he screamed out loud.

“I don’t want silence. I want answers.”

The monk opened his eyes and said, “The answer is Silence.”

Mom, the answer is silence and slowing down.

You have devoted your life to your family, to fulfilling your responsibilities and to the well-being of your children. You are no less than Superman, but even superheroes need a break.

The responsibilities have taken a toll on you. You may not realise, but they leave you irritable and rushed and perpetually worried. While it is natural for you to be concerned, the continuous stress and anxiety is toxic for your system. It affects not only your but our collective well-being. Personally, I feel hassled and rushed in your presence. You carry this anxious energy (vibe) like a piece of garment. I am unable to share a story or an idea with you, because I know you have a million tasks to attend to. This equation plays out negatively in your day to day life and interactions. The good news is that it can be changed.

Give your body and mind time to refresh and replenish. Continue to create and teach and mentor, but not at the cost of your well-being. Allow yourself the luxury of a late-evening walk, ten-minutes of meditation and a few hours to unwind. That’s all.

You have given me a lifetime of love; I hope to give you a few moments of comfort, joy and peace. I can only do that if you take care of your health (mental as well as physical). I want to introduce you to my life partner someday and grandchildren to whom you can tell wonderful stories. Hopefully, they will listen more attentively than I did.

We have a lifetime of happiness and prosperity ahead of us, I promise. But first, learn to enjoy silence.



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