A Song about Love


Love, its such a wonderful feeling
Selfless and joyful and innocent
But, by itself, it’s not enough

I have loved deeply and lost myself in its flames
Consumed by its bitter aftertaste
Fought with the demons of self-doubt
Hurt myself from its poisoned arrows
Again and again
Just because the pain reminded me of love’s pleasures

I have stared at the moon and sighed deeply
Late into nights and complained to dark grey clouds
All things beautiful carried a reflection of her
Delightful but distant

The empty streets have echoed my lonely heart
The silence has screemed in my ears
Words have flowed like blood from my body
Draining her and immortalising her, sentence by sentence

And now I am empty. Redeemed. Cleansed from the burden of love.
Her spell has run dry
It no longer snares my beating heart

I have a voice now, a beating heart and a song about love.


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